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  • Used by the US DARPA, Shunned by the USDA in the Biggest Controversy of the Century

If You Are Addicted to Delicious Foods like Chocolate, Ice Cream, Pizza & Burgers, Read On...

The #1 Reason Why Diets Fail

We've been fixated on restricting what's on our plates for hundreds of years... But if your entire diet revolves around eating less, it will trigger hunger!  You can only hold your breath  for so long...

Recent studies show that as little as 8 weeks of hunger during dieting can wreck your metabolism for up to a year, making it impossible for you to lose weight.

The goal is NOT to restrict your calories, but to embrace the right foods!  

Even today, there's people who believe they should avoid egg yolks...

Or that zero-fat yogurt is healthier than full-fat...

That's because we allowed ourselves to be brain washed by the 'low fat' propaganda. We've gone low-fat for 30 years and all it did was cause an explosion of diabetes and obesity.

 Since the introduction of the low fat guidelines diabetes and obesity have exploded. Today, we have a solution, the ketogenic diet and the "Keto One" system.


You are addicted to sugar and you don't know how to break free

The truth is that carbohydrates are what makes you fat. Eating carbs spikes your insulin which causes fat to be stored on your body.

The good is that we have an alternative plan. A delicious way to replace carbs and get on a ketotogenic, high-fat plan.

It sounds crazy but you could be eating all these foods, burning fat and losing weight.

Homemade Burger King Whopper-Style Cheeseburgers Recipe

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** These are actual foods you will be eating on the diet program. Keto Ice-cream and Keto Hamburgers

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Eating a Diet That's Tasty Is Crucial to Your Long Term Success

That's why you need to stop worrying too much about your calories and start enjoying healthy replacements.

My sister had her leg amputated because of her excess weight...

Hi, my name is Kyle and I lost more than half my body weight on the Ketogenic diet after battling with it my whole life.

My mom tried every low fat diet program in the world. She ended up having gastric surgery.

I've been on every one of her fad diets with too little to show for it. I always used skim milk and still got to 400 pounds.

Things were so bad in our family,  my sister had her leg amputated because of a leg infection caused by excessive weight. And my brother was plagued by a series of heart attacks that nearly killed him.

I felt trapped and helpless with the genetic hand I was given

I tried drinking Slim Fast, taking Dexatrim and eating salads but none of that helped. It just made me hungry, irritable and tired.

I know how it's like to be judged because of your weight.

I was constantly ripping the back side of my pants getting in and out of the car.
I had troubles getting up from the couch without assistance
I wasn't able to go to the movies or fly on an airplane because I couldn't fit in the seats..

That's why I never went to the gym... I was sick of having everybody staring at me.

And what really woke me to the reality that I had gone too far in allowing myself to reach this point, was a bunch of 13 year olds that started laughing behind my back about how fat I was..

Tim Tebow, Lebron James, Adriana Lima, Megan Fox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney and Kim Kardashian are just a few of the celebrities that lost weight on the KETO diet.

I always though high-fat diets like Atkins were not healthy and I would never be on them... Everybody knows fat clogs your arteries, gives you heart disease and eventually kills you.. But what if it doesn't?

How on Earth could eating more butter, full fat cheese and red meat not have negative consequences to your health?

All my life I avoided saturated fats and ate a lot of "healthy whole grains" like the USDA pyramid told me. Until I couldn't deny it anymore.. It was just not working for me!

I had to face reality so I threw away my Little Debbi cakes, biscuits from McDonalds, the honey buns, the chocolate chip cookies, the Coke... And I went low carb for 90 days.

Moving from eating 2 pounds of carbs a day to a ketogenic diet felt like detoxing from heroin or cocaine.  It made me realize I was a carb addict. But it also changed my life forever!

After a few weeks I felt a dark cloud of despair lifting from my head. I realized what "normal" was supposed to feel like.

In 30 days I shed 30 pounds. After 2 months, I started going to the gym and lost 40 pounds more. After 100 days, I had lost 100 pounds and I was feeling better than ever before.

That's when I realized my life would never be the same again. All those prescriptions I was taking for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and breathing problems were history within 9 months. I turned from a morbidly obese man into a beacon of hope.

Dr. Jeffry Gerber, MD

When I tried a low-fat diet myself, the truth was facing me. It just did not work for my patients, or myself. The low-carbohydrate, high-fat, ketogenic diet is the foundation of it all.

Dr. Jeffry Gerber, MD

Can Losing 100+ Lbs Just Like These People Be Easy?

Serena Rae lost 100 pounds on the Ketogenic Diet. She makes it look easy.

Allie B. also lost 100 pounds and says she's happier than ever

Frank S. also lost 100 pounds in 9 months on the ketogenic diet.

Dr. Al Sears

The USDA recommended diet has too much carbohydrate for any diet that we followed naturally. […] Fat and cholesterol are not the culprit of heart disease. In fact, the more cholesterol you have, the longer you will live

Dr. Al Sears

How did the Department of Defense Discover the Ketogenic Diet?

  • In 1921 Dr. Rollin Woodyatt, endocrinologist in Chicago, experimented with moving diabetic patients from carbohydrates to fat.
  • At the same time, Dr Russell Wilder of the Mayo Clinic realized a high-fat, low-carb diet could mimic the benefits of fasting. He immediately began putting his epileptic patients on this ketone-producing diet and coined the term by which we know it today “ketogenic diet”.
  • In 1953 Dr. Krebs and Dr. Veech realized ketones could improve efficiency of cells and improve insulin sensitivity.
  • In 2004 the US DARPA gave Dr Veech $2,000,000 a year to research "ketone esters", a super-fuel that could help US Special Forces in Combat

This is how ketogenic dieting was introduced to Navy SEAL divers and pilots - to improve brain function, energy and reaction times.

So how come nobody told you this earlier?

Well, you've been sold a LIE. Americas nutritional needs have been sold to the highest bidder.

Agriculture is big business, especially the USDA recommends you eat 8 servings of bread a day. And when the Sugar Research Foundation sponsors the research of Harvard Doctors.

Names like Ancel Keys and Marc Hegsted sealed America's fate by publishing literature aimed at promoting low-fat, high carb diets...

Voices that opposed them like Dr. Penningtons , Dr. Atkins, Dr. Krebs and Dr. Veech were silenced!

What we really needs to do is to flip the pyramid upside down, eat more fats and less carbs.

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The US DARPA paid $2,000,000 a year to investigate the ketogenic diet and the use of ketones for their pilots.

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Easy and delicious fat-burning breakfast..

Imagini pentru keto breakfast

Today, you can enjoy such healthy and delicious breakfasts once you sign up for the "Keto ONE" System

Introducing the Keto ONE Diet Plan

ONE Diet Plan for all your nutrition. The last diet you will ever need taking you from "hangry" to "well-fed"..  Here's what you get

  • 1

    Keto Quick Start Guide

    The Quick Start Guide will arm you with everything you need to know to enter ketosis, the fat-burning state of your body. You'll get your Grocery Shopping List and suggestions for meals that you can prepare in a quickie.

  • 2

    100+ Recipes to last you more than 40 days

    Fat Burning Recipes and Meal Plan - Get more than 100+ diets that are optimized towards the ketogenic diet. Easy to follow, step by step instructions to prepare delicious meals at home like keto cheese-burgers, pizza, cakes and ice-cream. Diet's don't have to be bland and you could be enjoying food not just eating like a rabbit

  • 3

    The Keto Survival Guide

    It's not hard to enter ketosis but staying in ketosis requires some skills. The Survival Guide contains the strategies you need to survive ketosis in the real world like the keto flu and eating out while on keto

And Your "Attention Pack"

  • 1

    The Keto Supplement Guide

    This is vital information you need to know. About how lacking magnesium could put you at risk of heart disease, how sunshine is vital to activating 4,000 functions in your body and how the lack of healthy Omega 3s in your body can be at the root of chronic pain, inflammation and even poor digestive health.

  • 2

    Keto Plus Intermittent Fasting

    Ketones have been discovered studying the benefits of fasting. Many religions have spoken about the benefits of fasting. Science has validated them as well. This is your quick start guide to getting some of the disease-reversing benefits of fasting.

  • 3

    Keto Exercise Guide

    If you're one of those people who doesn't like working out, that's perfectly fine. Most likely, you don't need to work out to lose the first 20 pounds. However, working out will get you leaner, stronger and provide a multitude of heart and brain benefits. So for when you do decide to start working out, we have a recommended routine, four times a week with cardio-vascular and hormonal benefits.

Expect up to 15 pounds of fat lost in your first 14 days with this meail plan

Expect Up to 35 Lbs lost in the first 40 days

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Imagine similară

What are some of the benefits of the Ketogenic Diet?

  • Effortless weight loss and maintenance - you will lose weight even without trying
  • Increased mental clarity due to improved metabolism, better sleep, stable blood sugar
  • Lower inflammation and chronic pain
  • Lower blood pressure, Lower triglycerides and LDL (bad cholesterol) and Higher HDL (good cholesterol)
  • No more heart burn
  • Increased Sex Drive
  • Improved Immune System
  • Slowing Down Aging
  • Endless energy feelings of happiness and general well-being
  • Reduced acne breakouts, psoriasis and other skin conditions
  • Decreased anxiety and mood swings
  • Improved metabolism, blood chemistry, cognitive function and memory

"Our ancestors spent most of their time in a state of Ketosis. If they hadn’t developed a way to use ketones for energy, our species would have ended up extinct”

Dr. Jacob Wilson

"For over twenty years I have talked about the strong connection between a high-fat, moderate-protein, very low-carbohydrate diet and slowing down the biological rate of aging. That is really how I became involved in treating diabetes with a high-fat ketogenic diet"

Dr. Ron Rosedale Dr. Ron Rosedale

End All of Your Confusion and Just Follow Along to Lose Weight

Most people think going Keto is hard... And if you don't have a plan it is..

That's why we will hold your hand and provide you with everything you need to get started in this Wizard's guide to Ketosis..


    What is ketosis and the keto diet? What are the Macros on the Keto diet? This answers all the questions a beginner might have.


    More than 100 delicious recipes that you can prepare at home. You’ll get common favorites such as Keto Pizza, Keto Burgers or Keto Ice Cream… but also recommendations for steaks, sea-food, desserts and snacks. Never go hungry again with the 14 day meal plan, A selection of breakfasts, lunches and dinners hand-picked for you to successfully lose your first 15 pounds. Keep going and lose 30 pounds in the next 40 days.


    It’s easy to start the keto diet but not many people stick with it. This Survival Guide arms you with the essentials you need to keep going. You’ll get the Keto Grocery Shopping List, Keto Guide to Eating Out and How to Beat the Keto Flu.

  • Ketogenic Suppplement Guide

    A look at all the supplements that can make ketosis easier or more powerful.

  • Intermittent Fasting Guide

    How to make the most of ketosis

  • Keto Guide to Exercise

    You will only need this after you lose the first 20 pounds. Working out before losing 20 pounds is not required.. but we highly recommend it afterwards

Linda Welch

Your training is easy and well delivered. I was diagnosed with diabetes by my doctor. That day, I cried and ate a full box of chocolates. I was so happy to find your program and recipes. Not only have I learned how to control my cravings without feeling hungry, I still get to eat all my favorite foods. I have perfect blood sugar now and I’ve lost 35 lbs. It makes a world of a difference keeping up with my kids!

Linda Welch Mom

Is The Medical Community Going Keto?

Dr. Terry Wahls

"Humans went into ketosis every winter for thousands of generations. Being in a low level of ketosis is the more natural state for our metabolism."

Dr. Terry Wahls
Dr. Jay Wortman

"I very quickly discovered that the elimination of carbs was dramatically reversing all the signs and symptoms of my type 2 diabetes. I am not aware of any serious adverse effects of long-term nutritional ketosis" 

Dr. Jay Wortman
Dr. William Davis

"As a cardiologist, I often view life from the perspective of heart health since heart disease is the number-one cause of death in Americans. Achieving ketosis leads to dramatic improvements in lipoproteins, even in crude cholesterol values."

Dr. William Davis
Dr. Fred Pescatore

Using a low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic approach with my patients is the only way I practice medicine. I don't know how every other doctor on the planet doesn’t do this. It's a way to enjoy life to the fullest and eat really well along the way. This isn't a diet for rabbits"

Dr. Fred Pescatore

Real Results From More People Like Yourself

  • Denisa Lost 100 Pounds

    Denisa Lee from Wyoming started the Ketogenic diet in February 2018. By November she had dropped close to 100 pounds.
  • Shawna Lost 75 Lbs

    Shawna Davis from South Carolina lost 75 lbs. Shawna got burned out on other diets where she had to prepare 5 meals a day. She says the best part about this program, is the simplicity of eating only when you feel hungry.
  • Maeve lost her baby weight

    Maeve Stephenson of Connecticut lost a stubborn 12 pounds after giving birth to baby Matthew.
  • Denise Lost 105 POunds

    Denise Corden from Illinois joined the club by losing more than 100 pounds on the Keto ONE System. She was looking to get that revenge body for the summer and she got it. Kudos to you Denise!
  • Caytlin lost 80 lbs

    Caytlin Hutchins from San Diego tried the Keto ONE System on and off for a year... She says she's cheated at times but that she's extremely happy having lost 80 lbs.. Especially since she had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

Here's What You Get When You Join Today:

  • Keto Diet Complete Resources Pack

    Get the Keto Diet Quick Start Guide, 100+ Delicious Recipes, 40 Day Meal Plans, the Keto Grocery Shopping List and the Keto Survival Guide Including Surviving the Keto Flu and What to Eat Out on Keto

  • 24/7 Access to our Support Team

    Any question you want send it to us and our team will answer.

  • Quick Start Bonuses

    Introducing you to the healing powers of a Keto Supplement Protocol, The Intermitted Fasting Guide and the Keto Exercise Guide… This will amplify the results you get from your diet.

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

    if you’re not satisfied for any reason you’ll get your money back

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The Keto Beginning Preview

* A fat burning diet's results are only as good as how well you are sticking to the evidence-based recommendations. No guarantees are made or implied. If you never get started, you'll never get the results. But if you stick to the "ketogenic" diet as described by the scientific guidelines we share on this site, you could experience dramatic weight loss effects like the people featured on this page each lost an average of 35lbs in 2018 *


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